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FOX News
Dec 28, 2012 10:00am PST
concluded. ed henry, live at the white house. ed, thanks very much. the fiscal cliff crisis also taking a toll on consumer confidence, a key driver of the nation's economy. take a look at this. according to a new report from the conference board now just to explain, a score of 90 on the conference board's index means the economy is healthy. the last time we saw that number was 2007. before the start of the financial crisis. over the last couple of months we have seen steady declines. november's report showed an index score of 71.5 and just 65.1 in december. that's the lowest number we have seen since august. matt mccall is the president of penn financial group. he jones us now live. how serious is this? >> it is extremely serious, gregg. we're seeing numbers backdating going back to november. what we haven't seen yet, we won't see until january the effect of the uncertainty of fiscal cliff and potential of falling off the fiscal cliff will have on the economy and have on consumers and potentially lead us back into as you mentioned what a lot of economists believe, another recession. gregg: what happens when fourth quarter earnings come out? >> nobody is reall
FOX News
Dec 26, 2012 10:00am PST
keep the u.s. economy from going over the fiscal cliff as a group of democrats push for the extension of most of the bush-era tax cuts, cuts they say staunchly -- they opposed years ago. joining us now to talk about it, tony -- [inaudible] a republican political analyst and consultant and a national political correspondent for talk radio news service. michael is a democratic strategist, and he joins us as well. good to see you both. tony, look, the word we're getting is that harry reid is going to pass an extension of the bush tax cuts for anybody under 250,000, extend unemployment benefits for two million folks. um, now, if that happens, it goes to the house, and the house will probably have to put it up. aren't republicans, your party, going to wish that they had passed plan b? >> absolutely, gregg. look, plan b really should have been our plan a, number one. number two, plan b was really the idea of chuck schumer and nancy pelosi as recently as in this summer. to set the threshold on incomes to a million dollars versus 250,000, allow those tax rates for a million and abov
FOX News
Dec 31, 2012 10:00am PST
in mind the threat of tax hikes going up is only one part of this so-called fiscal cliff everybody has been talking about. what we also have facing us starting tomorrow are aught maddic spending cuts that are scheduled to go into effect. and keep in mind that some of these spending cuts that congress has said will automatically go into effect will have an impact on our defense department and head start. so there are some programs that are scheduled to be cut that we are using an ax instead of a scalpel. it may not always be the smartest cuts. so that's a piece of business that still has to be taken care of. i want to make clear that any agreement we have to deal with these automatic spending cuts set for next month. those have to be balanced. my principle has always been let's do things a balanced responsible way. that means revenues have to be part of the equation in turning overt sequester and automatic spending cuts as well as spending cuts. the same is true for any future deficit agreement. obviously we'll have to do more to reduce our debt and deficit, i'm willing to do more,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3